Not only can she lead, she can come up with good slogans too!

Administrative Council- Gayle Speight

Gayle was born and grew up in Milledgeville, Georgia.  She attended Georgia Military College Prep from 8th to 12th grade when the school first allowed girls to again attend.  She graduated from Georgia College & State University with an associate and later a bachelor’s degree in Nursing.  Gayle retired from the Department of Juvenile Justice as a Medical Administrator after 30 years of service to the state of Georgia.  During that time, she worked part time for Central Georgia Medical College teaching pre-nursing courses.  Presently, she works part-time as an independent contractor for the River Edge Crisis Center.  Gayle has attended Hopewell United Methodist Church for over 40 years.  She and her husband, Vernon, share four children and five grandchildren.  Most of their free time is devoted to helping with the grandchildren and following their sports and other activities.  

I bet you’d be surprised to know that Gayle was a political science major before switching to nursing and still prefers watching political commentary over movies and sitcoms.

Committee Members: John Anderson – Mary Clare Anderson – Jimmie Lee Bale – Katherine Bray – Bill Breiner – Sharon Breiner – Carol Brock – Flo Douglas – Julie Lavender – Pat Miller – Rev. Ted Miller – Alan Mitchell – Becki O’Brien – Jim O’Brien – Brad Oliver – Kay Puckett – Patty Shreve – Jeanene Vinson – Anna George Warnock

Breiner, BIll

Board of Trustees – Bill Breiner

Committee Members: Matthew Buchanan – Flo Douglas – Rev. Ted Miller – Dick Shreve

Cemetery Committee – John Anderson

Committee Members: Andy Anderson – Howell Horton – Mike Humphrey – Cathy Johnson – Donnie Meeks – Ollie Roach – Patty Shreve – Gayle Speight – Charles Vinson – Jeanene Vinson

Christian Education Committee – Kay Puckett

Committee Members: Jan Anderson – Sharon Breiner – Ginny Davis – Ruth Roach – Rasheda Root – Gayle Speight – Jeanene Vinson

2018 07 09 095 Glendalough, County Wicklow, Ireland - Patricia Shreve Age 64
She sure does love her some sheep! Could it be because we're all lambs of God?

Communications Committee – Patty Shreve

Patty was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. After graduating from high school, she embarked on a series of different careers.  She graduated in 1980 from Officer Candidate School at Fort Knox, Kentucky, after having spent five years as an enlisted soldier.  Along the way, she graduated with a degree in Business Management from the New York University.  In 1983 she graduated from the United States Army Rotary Wing Aviator Course.  She met her husband, Dick, when they were assigned to fly a mission together.  After 23 years in the military, attaining the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, she retired and she and Dick moved to middle Georgia because of the mild weather.  At that time she joined the American Red Cross, Disaster Services, for 13 years deploying to over 80 disaster relief operations to include 9/11 New York City, Guam, and Hurricane Katrina.  They came to Hopewell in 2016.  Between her and Dick, they have three children, four grandchildren, and six great granddaughters.  Did you know that before joining the Army, Patty completed a four-year apprenticeship program at the Naval Ordnance Station in Louisville becoming a journeyman machinist?

Committee Members: Randy Beasley – Andy Brock – Flo Douglas – Rev. Ted Miller – Jim O’Brien, Prayer Email & Newsletter – Ruth Roach

Prosser, Angela #3

Congregational Care & Family Ministries – Angela Prosser

Committee Members: Flo Douglas – Joyce Gay – Cathy Johnson – Rev. Ted Miller – Ann Veal 


Brock, Carol #4
What a great day to fly a kite.

Congregational Care & Family Ministries – Carol Brock

Have you ever met someone who loves the smell of freshly turned soil? This lady does. Carol is a true native of Milledgeville having been born, reared, and educated here. She grew up working in her family’s feed, seed, and fertilizer store learning about plants, seeds, chemicals, and animals from her grandmother and daddy. On weekends, she accompanied her family to their local cattle farm on the Oconee River east of town. There she learned to be a good steward of the earth, drive a stick shift truck and a tractor. After retiring from a career in education, Carol once again found herself working with her sister on this farm raising cow-calf pairs and producing hay. Some of her most favorite memories are from this land affectionately referred to by her as, “Just This Side of Heaven.” She helps others with assorted projects, loves a challenge, and delights in fixing something that is broken or at least trying to fix it. Most days of the year you can find her in the backyard tending to flowers or digging in the dirt. Sharing bouquets of freshly cut flowers compounds her joy. She is thrilled at the sight of new seedlings growing or a misplaced bulb blooming. She has two adult children in Washington state and each has one child. She and her husband, Craig, reside on the north side of town. So now you have it. Carol is a farmer’s daughter by love, an educator by profession, a child of God by grace. I might mention, she is a butcher by trade and can cut a swing side of beef.

Committee Members: Flo Douglas – Joyce Gay – Cathy Johnson – Rev. Ted Miller – Ann Veal 

O'Brien, Becki

Finance Committee – Becki O’Brien

Committee Members: John Anderson – Bill Breiner – Carol Brock – Flo Douglas – Julie Lavender – Rev. Ted Miller – Jim O’Brien – Kay Puckett – Patty Shreve – Gayle Speight – Jeanene Vinson – Anna George Warnock

Nominations & Leadership Development Committee – Pastor Ted Miller

Pastor Ted Miller is now in his 29th year of serving churches in the North Georgia Annual Conference. He has served churches throughout Georgia to include Roscoe, Washington, Grovetown, Warrenton, Cumming, and now here in Milledgeville. He received his BA degree in music education from the University of Alabama, but taught band for only three years. He then began a 12 year career in music retail, managing music stores in Tuscaloosa; Columbus, Mississippi; and Atlanta. After experiencing a call into the ministry, he attended Candler School of Theology on the campus of Emory University, enabled to do so through a Sherman Scholarship. His great “off the job” pursuits are swimming and percussion. He was the tympanist for the Sounds of Sawnee Concert Band in Cumming, Georgia, for 13 years. He is married to Pat, and they have three children and three grandchildren. 

Little Known Fact – During his time selling musical instruments for the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company in Atlanta, he won a sales competition by selling more ex-30’s (portable keyboard) than any other sales person in the Baldwin owned retail stores across the country.

Committee Members: Elsie Clark – Ginny Davis – Flo Douglas – Gayle Speight

Warnock, Anna George

Staff-Parish Relations Committee – Anna George Warnock

Anna George is a life long Methodist who was born in Louisiana and attended high school and college in Mississippi.  She came to Milledgeville to serve her Lord at Central State Hospital.  Anna retired from the State of Georgia in 1999.  Anna George and her husband, Dewey, have been married for 50 years and their two sons have provided them with eight grandchildren and four great grandchildren.  She continues to serve her Savior, Jesus Christ, through a variety of activities at Hopewell.  Was it mentioned?  She loves to cook.

Committee Members: Flo Douglas – Rev. Ted Miller – Angela Prosser – Chuck Rogers – Jeanene Vinson

Worship Committee – Susie Meeks

Committee Members:  – Elsie Clark, Communion – Anthony Cooper, Acolyte – Becky Cooper, Pianist – Flo Douglas – Rev. Ted Miller – Alan Mitchell, Choir Director – Kay Puckett – Gayle Speight, Acolyte – Sara Tyer, Secretary – Jeanene Vinson, Altar Guild & Communion

Oliver, Brad #1
Making great memories with friends on Sanibel Island, Florida.

Men’s Club President – Brad Oliver

Brad was born in 1937 in Lebanon, Tennessee, attended Castle Heights Military Academy for his high school education, then completed two years of college at Tennessee Polytechnic Institute before enlisting in the Army in 1957. He served in Germany with the 3rd Division, attained the rank of Staff Sergeant, then returned home to attend Officers Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia. He was commissioned in June 1959 and went on to serve over 21 years on active duty, including three years in Vietnam. The Army brought Brad to the military department at Georgia Military College on June 30, 1974. He retired a Lieutenant Colonel in 1978. While in the Army, Brad completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Nebraska and his master’s degree at Georgia College. He is also a graduate of the Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Brad’s second 20-year career was that of Assistant Director of the Youth Development Center here in Milledgeville. He retired from that career November 1, 1998.

Brad is married to the former Gail Weddington of Tullahoma, Tennessee. They celebrated 59 years of marriage September 11th and have three daughters and six grandchildren.

Brad has been a Rotarian in Milledgeville Rotary since February of 1977. He has held every job except secretary, was treasurer for nine years along with being club president during the 50th anniversary year of the club that saw then Rotary International President Chuck Keller and his wife attend the celebration. He was chosen to take a Group Study Exchange to Australia in 1985 and chaired the Rotary Peace Community Project during 1995-96 which was responsible for the marble Peace Monument in front of the Baldwin County Court House in downtown Milledgeville. Brad is a Paul Harris, Will Watt, and Hue Thomas Fellow. His wife, Gail, is a Paul Harris Fellow. He and Gail have also served on a Rotary mission trip to Costa Rica.

Brad enjoys working in the yard and garden, pond fishing, and being with his family. He collects sea shells at the beach and turns them into jewelry and other forms of shell art. It might surprise you to know that Brad loves chick-flick and Hallmark movies.

United Methodist Women President – Jimmie Lee Bale

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