Timeline of video shown below.

00:00 Prelude

00:57 Announcements

02:43 Hymn “Open Our Eyes, Lord”

03:33 Hymn “Morning Has Broken”

05:19 Liturgy “Prayer of Petition to the Risen Christ”

07:16 Prayer Petitions

09:22 Hymn “Have You Seen Jesus, My Lord?”

11:33 The Morning Prayer & The Lord’s Prayer

14:13 Children’s Message

18:51 Hymn “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus”

20:42 Scripture – Luke 24:13-36

24:17 Sermon “Recognizing the Risen Savior”

38:38 Hymn “Open My Eyes, That I May See”

41:12 Benediction

Video taping courtesy of Jimmy O’Brien.