Timeline of video shown below.

00:00 Announcements
03:26 Hymn “O Christ, the Healer”
05:25 Hymn “Rescue the Perishing”
08:27 Liturgy “In Time of Illness”
09:38 We Express Our Joys and Concerns
12:46 The Morning Prayer & The Lord’s Prayer
13:15 Hymn “On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand”
18:23 We Worship God with Our Tithes & Offerings
18:56 Hymn “Heal Us, Emmanuel”
21:40 Characters of the Passion “Woman with the Issue of Blood” Carol Brock
25:04 Scripture – Psalm 31:14-15
25:33 Sermon “Hurting Hands”
43:05 Hymn “Precious Lord, Take My Hand”