2019 01 20 Sunday Service

Timeline of video shown below.

Sanctity of Life Sunday Service
00:00 Announcements
06:54 A word from our Friends at Crossroads
18:13 Hymn “God is So Wonderful”
19:00 Hymn “Jesus Loves Me”
21:09 We Express Our Joys and Concerns
21:25 The Morning Prayer & The Lord’s Prayer
23:49 Hymn “One Day We’ll Stand Before the Lord”
26:18 We Worship God with our Tithes and Offerings
27:30 Children’s Message
31:41 Hymn “Children of the Heavenly Father”
33:17 Scripture – Jeremiah 1:4-5
33:55 Sermon “Speaking for Those Not Yet Born”
51:25 Hymn “Because He Lives”
55:28 Benediction

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