Timeline of video shown below.

“A Young Man Named Jesus”

00:00 Announcements
06:58 Hymn “Pass It On” Saxophone Duet
11:55 Recognition of College Students
15:47 Hymn “Arise, O Youth of God”
19:51 Liturgy – United Methodist Student Day
21:18 We Express Our Joys & Concerns
24:46 Hymn “O God of Youth”
29:38 We Worship God With Our Tithes
29:54 Hand Bell Choir “Amazing Grace”
32:03 Doxology
32:35 Children’s Message
37:06 Hymn “Mary, Did You Know?”
40:10 Scripture
43:30 Sermon “A Young Man Named Jesus”
55:04 Hymn “Here I Am, Lord”
58:11 Benediction